On-Site Faded Stadium Seat Solutions

Renew – Restore – Refresh – Refurbish – Color Change

True Color Restoration – Not a Flash-Heat Process

Logo & Branding Options

When you really want your venue to say "THIS IS OUR HOUSE!"

The customizing of plastic seats (PPE) gives venue operators the opportunity to upgrade seats with the potential to eliminate the overall cost of restoration- NET ZERO. This is because there is no additional cost to customize at the onset of a restoration project. This opens up marketing revenue the venue can use to offset the cost of service. This can only be done as part of the initial order. Cost to customize becomes additional once a solid color order is completed.

Customize seats with team Logos and colors in ANY design you can imagine.

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IronHide Seating Restoration guarantees that your Stadium Seating Color will not noticeably fade for a period of 3 years from the date of refinishing.

Guarantee excludes neglect, physical damage, including that caused by vandalism, acts of nature, or the use of solvents, foreign coatings, pressure washers or abrasives on the substrate surfaces. Guarantee is limited to refinishing services only.

Never replace faded stadium seating again!

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