On-Site Faded Stadium Seat Solutions

Renew – Restore – Refresh – Refurbish – Color Change

True Color Restoration – Not a Flash-Heat Process


Aftercare Instructions

​To get the longest life out of your newly refinished seating please follow these simple instructions:

Although seating may feel dry to the touch in a few hours, a good full cure requires 24-36 hours depending on geographic location and weather conditions.

Care & Cleaning

  • Hand wash only!  (Avoid extreme heat conditions when washing)
  • Mild soap & water is all that is needed if maintained regularly.
  • Be sure to rinse well and do not let soap dry on the surface.
  • Be sure to wipe off excess water if your local municipal water system is known to have extremely hard water, calcium deposits can slowly mar any finish.

Pressure Washer Damage


  • Pressure cleaners / steam cleaners at close range, it is possible to damage the finish coat.  
  • ​Silicone-type protectants do absolutely nothing for plastic seating.  It may look good for a day or two then it’s gone.  These products actually act like a dirt magnet turning everything black and oily. 
  • Heavy duty cleaners or degreasers, they can dull and cloud the exterior finish.
  • Thinners or solvents, they can melt the plastic.
  • Scuff or scrub pads, Brillo or steel wool pads, abrasive cleansers (Comet / Ajax) or scrub brushes, they can scratch the finish

Never replace faded stadium seating again!

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