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A letter from the Founder / CEO

IronHide Seating Restoration, Inc. is a spinoff of our flagship company Global Sign Restoration, Inc. (GSR) that began restoring & refinishing outdoor signs and playlands in 1991. This 30 years of experience includes refinishing oxidized Lexan, Acrylics, Polyethylene (PPE), as well as powder-coated metals. IronHide utilizes our applied knowledge to now benefit the stadium & arena markets.

Sustainability is an important concern for the well-being of the planet and commerce alike. IronHide strives to provide the “Green” solution for your faded stadium seat needs; which is not only eco-friendly but also your budget-friendly option. Many newfound “startups” will claim their method and/or product is better. Actions speak louder than words, and I encourage everyone to comparison shop and research companies’ prior job sites and experience to see how IronHide is distinct from the others. Off-the-shelf store products may produce improved appearance, but it is only lasts short term peeling quickly; resulting in investments lost. IronHide uses only industrial-grade products and back our work with a three (3) year No-Fade Guarantee on your invoice.

GSR has a long-standing history of exceeding market expectations in efficiency, timely completion, and always budget-friendly; and this standard holds true for IronHide.

You truly do get a new look without the new price.

Thank you for your time.

Michael Pagano, III

IronHide Seating Restoration, Inc.

Never replace faded stadium seating again!

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