On-Site Stadium Seating Color Refresh / Color Restore 

Why Restoration? Simple, ​Cost Effective Sustainability

When your facility has thousands or tens of thousands of seats, restoration is smart business. Structurally, most seating substrates can last for decades.  Especially PPO & PPE plastics and aluminum. Over time though, the sun takes its toll (fading), and cleaning agents and beverage spills gradually build up on the surface leaving them dull as well.  As long as your seating is structurally intact, IronHide Seating Solutions can always bring the color back saving up to 70% or more in replacement costs.

For severely sun-bleached with a milky appearance (usually outdoor venues)

Brighten, Refresh ,Protect 

(usually outdoor venues) 

Never Replace Faded Seats Again!


Giving back to your community - We hire local !

When IronHide Seating comes into your city or town to restore the stadium seating, we of course bring in our supervisors and application personnel, but we also hire as many local residents as possible to assist in the prep work for the duration of the project.  This usually accounts for more than half of our on-site workforce.  Temp jobs can last 1-2 months depending on the size of the stadium thus putting revenue back into the local economy.

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For slightly faded plastics

(usually indoor venues) 

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IronHide Seating Solutions by GSR guarantees that your Stadium Seating Color will not noticeably fade for a period of 3 years from the date of refinishing.

Guarantee excludes neglect, physical damage, including that caused by vandalism, acts of nature, or the use of solvents, foreign coatings, pressure washers or abrasives on the substrate surfaces.  Guarantee is limited to refinishing services only.

NET ZERO Customization Any design imaginable! (team colors and logos)

Annual refresh services

Worldwide Service

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