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On-Site Stadium Seating Color Refresh / Color Restore 

Sun Bleached Plastic - surfaces dry rot (oxidize) over time from exposure to the sun. Indications are faded stadium seats, loss of shine, dry flaking, or peeling.  

Pollution Damage - surfaces dull from various types of airborne pollution.  Indications are an overall gray appearance accompanied by black vertical streaks.

Chemical Damage - caused by the use of a strong cleaning agent, usually caustic or solvent based.  These cleaners can eat away and dissolve the exterior finish.

Mildew Damage - caused by the accumulation of mildew build up. Over time, the mildew actually pits and eats into the plastic ruining the finish. Indications are loss of shine and a gritty black appearance

Most Common forms of surface damage

Seat refinishing 101

Seating itself is one of the most basic parts of a venue. It is also quite literally the primary point of contact between the facility and the fans. Because of the wear and tear caused by the crowds, polypropylene (PPO) and polyethylene (PPE) are generally the base substrates of choice in the industry. They are tough, durable, and virtually indestructible.  They do have one drawback - fading. Being low energy surfaces, they are slick to the touch and non-porous. Paint does not adhere well. The basic colors available are added only at the injection molding stage. This gives venues limited color choices.  Once faded, the only alternative in the past was replacement. Not anymore.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic wipe-on product that will instantly dissolve bleached-out plastic and restore the color. 

Also, any service that attempts to grind down the oxidized surface plastic then heat to re-smooth the surface is not recommended. This harms the integrity of the seat, forcing replacement down the road.  IronHide Seating Solutions does neither.  Our proprietary process actually adds to the surface, enhancing its appearance, durability, and strength.

IronHide Seating Solutions' On-Site Stadium Seating Color Refresh / Color Restore service and annual maintenance program makes it possible to never replace faded seating again! It also can eliminate mismatched seat color issues caused by broken seat replacement.