Frequently Asked Questions



Where do you work?
Service available worldwide

Corporate office - Tampa, Florida

Western Europe operations - London

​Asia Pacific operations - Malaysia / Singapore

Who does the work?
We do.  Only our people do the product applications. This ensures you always receive the best finished product at your location.  We do hire general prep labor locally whenever possible.  This can account for more than half our on-site work force.  This puts revenue back into your community.

Are there any weather considerations?
Yes.  For outdoor venues there is a minimum application temperature of 45 degrees and dry conditions that are a must for proper refinishing of any surface.  Please take this into account when scheduling our services based on your geographic location.

Is it Guaranteed? How long will it last?
IronHide Seating Solutions guarantees your seats will not noticeably fade for 3 YEARS from the date of refinishing.

Depending on geographic location, outdoor venues generally reach 5 years before any fading begins again. 

Indoor venues last well past 5 years.

Guarantee excludes neglect, physical damage, including that caused by vandalism, acts of nature, or the use of solvents, pressure washers at close range, or abrasives on the substrate surfaces.  Guarantee is limited to refinishing services only.

Is it durable?

Yes. Once restored, your seats will withstand all weather conditions and temperatures. It will also endure the usual contact of fan clothing, including buttons, rivets from jeans, plastic cell phone clips, even incidental contact of keys. Deliberate use of a sharp metal object will scratch the surface just like any other (vandalism). 

Is restoration safe for my seats?

At IronHide Seating we have been restoring plastics since 1991.  Our processes have never harmed any plastic substrate.  Our refinishing services can easily more than double the expected life of the seat.  You will never need to replace a faded plastic stadium seat again as long as it is structurally intact.

Can it be done again?
Yes!  The common plastic substrates used in stadium seating (PPO & PPE) can last for decades and be restored again and again.